Friday, August 7, 2009

Co. Galway

Co. Galway- Chandler walked with me to the beach. Yes, it is August...and it was very cold!

This was the Ocean- I thought we could swim in it...but it was rocky and cold- and stunk a bit like red tide.

We panicked when we realized that we had to ride the Ferry to get to Galway. We thought that we didn't have the cash. Scott has this habit of only pulling out 20 euro when he goes to the ATM. 20 euro is good for a few bottles of water and gum. We have had discussions about this. Hopefully, this almost incident has impacted him.
I pull out big money when I go to the ATM...but then Scott pilfers my moola from me. To be fair, Chan uses my cash too.
See the bikers in front of us? It was raining and cold- Ireland is mountainous- They are carrying gear- I am pretty impressed.

I wanted to save this horse- It was rainy and cold, and she had no shelter, or room- I tried to break her loose...but she wanted no part of my plan. I had picked berries on the walk and tried to entice her to the low wall...she ignored me. Too bad. I would have taken this horse into the house.

When I was 10, I remember my poor goat (Nanny) had gotten her head stuck in the fence, during a snowstorm. I got home from school and she was covered with snow. She wasn't moving. Tearfully, I prayed and freed her from the fence. She was still lethergic and weak. So, in effort to warm my Nanny, I took her into my house.

I put her in the kitchen and covered her with a blanket. Then, I felt badly because Nanny's sister, Sassy, was still outside and cold. So, I brought Sassy into the house too. They both were very excited about being inside...Nanny recovered quickly. Soon, they were pooping and peeing everywhere. I didn't care- I was crying tears joy and saying thank you prayers....until my Mom came home from work. It took some explaining, but she finally understood.

Anyhow, I tried to do the same with this horse- but it just wouldn't trust me. I sent Scott to try...I didn't tell him about my secret plan...but the horse didn't take to him either. Maybe next time...

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