Friday, August 7, 2009

Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainhan Gaol- is a Prison Museum in Dublin. It was built in 1796- then additions were made. The final addition was, of course, the nicest. This is the yard where many were executed- Didn't like standing here. The Irish Flag has a pretty interesting history. The old Ireland represented by the green, the new by the orange, and white is the brotherhood or unification of the two.
This is the nice portion of the prison. Lots of light. It looks a little like Citrus Park Mall in Tampa.

People were imprisoned for the saddest of reasons. Stealing loaves of bread or potatoes, etc.

We also noted that people were shorter- This is Chandler at the door of one of the cells.

This is the room where condemned men were held prior to execution. Scott and I felt crowded, so we stepped out of the room. Chandler was in front of the tour guide and felt like it would be rude to leave. So, he sat there, looking this uncomfortable until she was finished speaking. I had Scott snap a pic. haha.

This is the second portion of the prison- Nicer than the first- not as nice as the third.

More cell doors. S

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