Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Language Testing in Ireland

It is time for many of my clients to receive language assessments...and I can't help but chuckle. Here are a few of this week's responses.

Me: " This is Mary, she is a girl. This is John, he is a...."
Child Client: "Fellow!"

Me: "Fathers face is rough but the baby's face is...."
Child Client: "Father needs to shave."

Me: "Show me 'cutting the cake'"
Child Client: " I don't want cake...I like biscuits."

Me: Pointing to a picture of a cat under a chair. " The cat is not in the chair. Where is the cat? It is ...."
Child Client: Points to the cat, "Right there-Look!"
Me: "Your right, it is right there. It is not IN the chair, it is..."
Child Client: "Scared!"

Good Times

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Mary Frances said...

I hope you counted "fellow" correct, whatever the standardization rules say!!