Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Boy & the Beach

This is the second weekend in a row that I have been lucky enough to spend time at one of my favorite beaches.
Honeymoon Island- It is a state park- and it is gorgeous...and one of my favorite parts of this beach is the scent of the water. It is like a fresh, lavender, clean, salty scent...
Unless you visit during red tide. Then it smells like dead, rotting fish.
But today was a fresh, lovely scent.
And the water was clear.
& the birds were hungry.

And the boys were hungry.& tired from last a little....cranky.
14 year old birthday parties for Boys are soooooo easy. MUCH easier than for younger boys.
No themes, no entertainment, no party favor bags, no parents.
The invited kids just show up, play, talk, and eat. They eat a lot. Of course, we had to make ourselves almost invisible...because...we ....are.....embarrassing.
& here we are being ignored again.
Chandelier is reluctant to acknowledge us...
They always come back for food and drink. Thank goodness.

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