Friday, May 14, 2010


I like to start the day by letting everybody know what to expect. If it is going to be a fun day, I'll let you know. If we are going to do something that you don't prefer- I'll give you heads up early- that way you can prepare yourself. Do whatever you have to get yourself ready...

Since I leave at the crack of dawn- I have to leave letters. Because no one likes to be woken up with my agendas.

This is this morning's letter:

Just ignore the 3rd grade penmanship- Evidently all of my teachers did. Do, however, take note of the "not"- Which is either Chan's handwriting or Scott trying to pretend like he is Chan. Funny.
At some point, Chan's brother by another mother (& father) wrote that he was "awsome"[sic]...and then tried to convince me that I had written it. Note: "written by tracy."

Bottom line- By the time I arrive home, everyone has cleared out, and my note has been modified. Clearly, the agenda system has failed...

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