Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I have a storage unit the size of a double car garage with boxes filled to the brim.
Once in a while, I will go to the storage unit and pull something that I think I need. This week, it was a dinosaur hard drive- I was looking for some old documentation.
Instead- I found a lovely gift for Mother's Day. My sweet baby- when he was still a baby. Look at how tiny he was?! Look at that unfortunate paint color- The paint color story requires a separate blog post. I won't digress today.

Baby Face.

With his cousin, who was tiny too! & Granpa...Looking at this picture of my dad is helping me understand the role of genetics and body type.

Lil' Chan with Matsui

And my BFFs children were babies too!

These pics still melt my heart. They were taken in DC and NY- It was on this trip, that I realized Chan was truly a kindred spirit. I could suggest anything outlandish and he was game. I believe our family roles were cemented during this vacation. Chan & I throwing out increasingly insane ideas and plans. Scott adding the only voice of reason- providing a much needed anchor.

I adore that smile!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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