Friday, May 14, 2010

Instead of cleaning house

Scott frowns on the Gator Calling- So I waited until he was gone tonight- and went a visitin'. Alli Gator was on the other side of the pond. So, I locked the dogs in the house & threw one of their balls in the pond.

Alli was not in the water, but he sure felt the ball hit. He scrambled & I ran- Hence, the unfocused shot.
He is under water, but coming....
Then his head surfaces and he bee lines for the ball. You can see it at the bottom of the pic.

Just his eyes are visible, but he is still traveling towards the ball.
Here he comes-
Click on the picture to enlarge- he is debating- food or not?
& he eats it.
Pulls it under- like he has to fight it ...
& he spits it out.
& gives me the evil eye...

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