Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Calling the Gator

I have mentioned that the gator in the back pond is BIG.

Every night, I like to call him over to my side of the hood. I like to see if he is still around, if he is getting bigger, and if he is looking hungry. I usually "call" him by throwing something substantial into the pond. As soon as the vibrations of the splash reach him, he races over to see if some helpless critter has fallen in and needs eatin.' He usually travels most of the pond almost under water. I have learned to look for air bubbles and eyes.

Before anyone gets upset with me- a few disclaimers- when I call him- it is NEVER with something edible. I KNOW not to FEED the gator. Also, I don't think he even sees me. Because I throw the object and then run to my patio and look at him through a camera lens or binoculars. I don't think he knows that it is a human calling.

Today- I decided to throw the tennis ball. But just as I was releasing the ball...Scott startled me with his yelling, "TRACY, DO NOT CALL THE GATOR!!!"
So the ball hit the tree-
and rolled to the pond. No vibrations- Gator is probably wondering why I didn't call.

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