Friday, April 23, 2010

On Wisteria Lane

I adore our neighborhood-moved in here when the hood was an infant. When we moved from our first home to this one- I couldn't believe my luck finding this place. The feeling of community was especially strong- because no one was here too much longer than others. We all sort of moved as our homes were completed. Over the years- we have experienced and shared the trials and tribulations of living in a newly developed area.

We have shared the experience of the dangers associated with dealing with a growing amount of traffic on our then small (but major) highway. Also, together, we have learned a lot about displaced wildlife, including water moccasin, gators, deer, bobcat, opossum, armadillos, otters, thousands of tiny frogs, and crayfish who would invade the streets yearly.

With this blog's future in transition, I thought perhaps I could, occasionally, use its forum to keep everyone in the loop regarding local news and tidbits.

Dear Neighbors:
-My Apologies-

I would like to personally apologize for the pterodactyl-like family who has moved into the conservation areas. As many have mentioned, the shrill-like noise that emits from them nightly is... disturbing. I think "Sam" across the street said it best when he indicated that the noise is "shocking... like an alarm clock."
It is horribly loud- and there can be NO SLEEPING through this noise. The fact that this creature makes this noise, every 15 to 30 minutes, from 9:00 pm until 8:30 am is entirely my fault.

About three weeks ago, I mentioned to Scott, that, perhaps I would like a baby in the house. (I know, those who personally know me are collectively groaning...Whatever) So, you see, God has a sense of humor. Because, as soon as we had this discussion, the pterodactyls flew in and made themselves at home. And I remembered what it is like to not get any real sleep- but, still have get up and function the next day.
Funny- haha.
As soon as I come to my senses, I am sure that the dino family will move on. Meanwhile- if anyone knows what animal does this- please share. The noise has a pattern. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Shrill, then 3 staccato shrills.

Regarding the possum situation- Their holes are destroying the lawns. We are looking for creative relocation ideas.
"Steve" had the idea of smoking them out by placing fire works in the holes. Remember- that they build a network of tunnels. As Steve found out, when you place fireworks in the tunnel, you will see the smoke coming out of the hole in your neighbor's yard- and they will not appreciate this.

Water Mocassin-
Please don't shoot at them- multiple times -with a real bullet gun. Geez.

Local Services-
If you are unhappy with a service that is being provided- you may cancel and pick another company of your choosing. Please DO NOT cancel your neighbors' service, in addition to yours.

Dress Code-
If you live on the conservation- it may feel like you have no neighbors- but you do- You have at least one side neighbor. So, close your robe. We can see ...things.


Anonymous said...

Noooooo not the 80 year old in the sheer dressing gown who stands with her coffee waving at ya with the sun at her back. For the love of gawd privacy fencing !!

Anonymous said...

by the way that was brought to you as my neighbor seems to have aknack for that as well.
cousin Mark