Monday, April 12, 2010

Cement Pond

Since we have returned to the States- I have noticed that I more laid back about household issues. Or maybe it is just that I am now very lazy, or as my friends keep reminding me....OOOOOLLLLDERRR. Whatever it is is a definite change.

I have started to think of things in terms of "Before Ireland" and "After Ireland."

Before Ireland- I would have been overly concerned- (Okay- obsessed!) about the scratches in the glass door, the torn screen and the chewed up love seat.
After Ireland- I take pictures of the mess and share it on my blog.
Before Ireland- I had a formal living room- with nice furniture.
After Ireland- My living room has become a Mixed Martial Arts gym for the neighborhood and a home for Valley's crate.

Before Ireland- If the kitchen sink and faucet had rusted out- I would have sent Scott to Home Depot, THAT DAY to get replacements.
After Ireland- I just had him run the hose to the window.
The sprayer kept falling- so he tied a piece of string to it. Now, I can pull up when I need it.
I figured out how to get around the hot and cold water issues. The water is hot when you first use it. Then, colder. Use it to wash your hands first, then fruits and vegetables.
After Ireland....
Sad, I know. The sink is on backorder until the end of the month...

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