Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cliffy- Please Don't Kill Your Mama!

I have been recuperating from a back injury- I'd like to say that the injury was due to an accident during athletic activity- but nope... it is not.

I have had to spend lots of time in bed. The dogs haven't seen me much.

Also, I have problems remembering the newer dog's name. We call him Clifford or Cliffy. His middle name is Maxwell- So, sometimes I call him Max- This is confusing for everyone, including Cliffy Max Clifford Maxwell.

I am on the mend- Ready to spend some time with the dogs. Cliff must have forgotten me... In the pic above- he is actually making mean noises.
"Max!! It is Mama!....MAX!!!" I am screaming this- but not moving. I am injured- I know there is no way I can move faster than that dog.
"MAX....(it is like the dumb dog doesn't know his name???) I MEAN CLIFFORD.... I MEAN CLIFFY! STOP- DON'T EAT MAMA!"
He remembered me. Valley must have reminded him.

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